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Pickleball the Board Game

The Pickleball Board Game that everyone will want to play "One More Game!"
Play "Singles" or "Doubles" at 3 different Game Levels.

Two to Four Players

Play with Two, Three or Four players!

  • SINGLES: Play two, three or four player singles. Each player uses their own Skills and Strategies to advance them to 5.0 and win the game!
  • DOUBLES: Four players – Two Teams of Two. Play against your opponents and use your teams Skills and Strategies to advance your teams players on the board. Become the first 5.0 players and take the win!
Pickleball Board Game

Three Game Levels

Start at Beginner Level.. and work your way to the Advanced game play.

  • BEGINNER/PRACTICE: Learn who serves, how to score a point, how to move around the board, and how to WIN!
    (Play Cards, Skill Cards, Strategy Cards, Nice Shot and Bad Shots are not used at this play level)
  • INTERMIDIATE: Learn to use the “Play Cards”. The “Play Cards” can take a point, give you a point, take a skill and even forget the score!
    Play Cards are introduced at this play level
    (Skill Cards, Strategy Cards, Nice Shot and Bad Shots are not used at this play level)
  • ADVANCED: Learn how and when to use the “Skill” and “Strategy” cards. Learn to use the individual character “Nice Shot” and “Bad Shot” hits.
    (Full Gameplay Mode)

Ten Pickleball Characters

Randomly select your character from the 10 Character Cards. There are five women and five men characters to choose from, each have their own “Nice Shot” and “Bad Shot”. Block your opponents return shot by hitting them your "Nice Shot"! But, watch out when you hit a "Bad Shot" or your opponent hits you your "Bad Shot".

the Cards and the Dice

The game starts with the serving player rolling the "In/Out/Ace" die to determine if their serve is "IN", OUT" or an "ACE". If the serve was "IN", The receiving player MUST roll the "In/Out/Ace" die and the "Hit" die, at the same time, which will determine their return of serve shot. If the return of serve shot was "IN", the receiving player can then decide to roll the two dice ("in/out/ace" and "hit" dice), OR use a Skill Card OR use a Strategy Card (if possible). Scroll down to the section on "Board Setup" for detailed play instruction.

  • 10 Character Cards: Who will you play as? Peter, James, Sarah, Rebecca.. or select from the other six Characters. Characters can be randomly selected or players can pick their favorite Character to play as. Each character has their own Nice Shot and Bad Shot.
  • 15 Skill Cards: Skill Cards can be used to block an opponent from using a Skill Card or Strategy Card on their return shot. Opponents must roll the dice on a return shot when a player uses a Skill Card against them.
  • 15 Strategy Cards: Strategy Cards can be used to block an opponent from hitting your shot. Using this card will allow you to serve or pick a player to serve.
  • 45 Play Cards: Play Cards are picked up when a serving player earns a point. When a player gets a point, they move ahead on the board. When a player moves ahead, they will pick up a Play Card, read it out load, and complete the instructions on the card.
  • 3 Playing Dice:
    • IN-OUT-ACE die: This die is used at the the start of every serve. This die is also used during play along with the HIT die for a return of serve and on the 3rd, 4th, 5th etc. shots.
    • HIT die: There are SIX possible return hits on this die. Backhand, Kitchen, Lob, Middle, Slice and Toes
    • Color Ball die: This die is used at the beginning of the game to decide who will serve first. This die may also be used when instructed by a Play Card.

Get to the POINT!

Regardless if you're playing two, three or four player "Singles" or playing four player (two on two) "Doubles". The goal is the same.. become the first "single" player or first "doubles" team to become 5.0 players. Use Strategy and Skill Cards to block your opponents return shots or steal the serve. The more you serve.. the more you increase your chance to get a point, move ahead and ultimately win the game!

What's In the Box

Your Pickleball board game includes the following items:
Box, 1 quad-fold game board, 4 color plastic player board pieces, 4 color plastic character holders, 3 playing dice, 45 Play Cards, 15 Strategy Cards, 15 Skill Cards, 10 Character Cards, 10 Characters, 1 ball w/stand, 1 net w/stand.

Board Setup & Getting Started

1. Find a flat surface to layout and set up the game to play on. On the gameboard; place the Play Cards, Skill Cards, Strategy Cards and Character Cards. Lay the Characters in the "Waiting to Play" area on the gameboard.

2. Set the color plastic character holders on their color markings on the Pickleball court. Set the color player board pieces on each of the color "Zero-Zero-Start" markers. Set up the net in the center of the Pickleball court. Place the three dice and the Pickleball Ball stanchion anywhere on the Pickleball court; so they're ready, when you're ready to start.

3. Players will select which color Player Board Piece they will use during the game.
(red, blue, black or yellow)

4. Each player will pick up one character card from the Character Card pile, at random. Players will locate their character from the "Characters Waiting to Play" pile. Players will insert their Character in the color plastic Character Holder and place them on their color markers on the board. Players will place their Character Cards on the gameboard, face up, on the Active Character Card location in front of their characters.

  • GREAT! Now that you have the board setup and all the characters are ready to play, decide if you will be playing Singles or Doubles and which game level you will play at.
    There are three levels of game play:
    • Beginner/Practice
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
    Scroll down for instruction on playing Singles, playing Doubles, and each of the Game Levels.

Singles or Doubles

"Singles" can be played with 2, 3 or 4 players.
• For "Singles", each players goal is to get to 5.0. The first player to reach 5.0 wins.

"Doubles" can be played with 4 players (two against two).
• For "Doubles", both players on the team must reach 5.0 to win. When one of the team members reaches 5.0, that 5.0 player will no longer serve, but will continue to roll the dice for return shots and use Skill or Strategy cards to help their teammate advance to 5.0.

Instructional Videos (coming soon)

Written instructions can sometimes be confusing! So, we decided to put together a few videos to help you get started playing Drops and Lobbers™. We recommend starting off at the Beginner level and working your way towards the Advanced game play.

Intermediate Play

Great! Now that you know how to serve, player rotation and how to move around the board. It's time to start picking up those "Play Cards". When you get a point and move on the board, pick up a "Play Card".
Was it too windy to play? Did you have a lot of unforced errors? Or maybe everyone forgot the score! Its' time to find out.

Advanced Play

Ready... GO! Taking your game to the next level is always a challenge. Do you have the right Skills, or know when to use those Strategies? Use those Skills and Strategies to become a 5.0 player and take the WIN!

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